About Us

We are SK life science,
a CNS-focused pharmaceutical company

Values define us

SK Life Science, Inc. (SKLSI) is driven by the needs of healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and the CNS community—nothing else. From these needs our 6 core values were formed—they are more than words on a page; they are what you can expect from us.

Our purpose

We believe there is more to life when you connect health with happiness.

  • Empower excellence

  • Be fully engaged

  • Appreciate
    recognize people

  • Embody a pioneering spirit

  • Always do the right thing

  • Inspire happiness!

Our purpose

We believe there is more to life when you connect health with happiness.

Tireless in our commitment to the CNS community


We are proud to be the first Korea-based company to discover and develop a molecule from inception through to NDA submission and acceptance without partnering or out-licensing


We demonstrate our competitiveness and commitment to finding CNS therapies with a total of 16 active INDs with the US FDA in 2018


We currently have 8 compounds in the clinical development pipeline

SK life science: a history of discovery

Developing solutions that change what is possible in CNS treatment

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A global presence

SK life science is a subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd., and a part of SK Group—a large conglomerate global corporation

Our parent company’s global reach
Learn about our global headquarters
Paramus, NJ USA

Our focus

Commercialization of meaningful CNS products in the US

Our handpicked leadership team

We’ve been there, done that, and now we’re here to do things differently

We are ready, willing, and able to break conventions to address the unmet needs in CNS.

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Jeong Woo Cho, PhD

President &
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cho began his career at SK biopharmaceuticals in 2001, becoming COO/EVP and head of the drug development business. In that role, he was responsible for managing all activities associated with the clinical development programs for key CNS assets. Notably, Dr. Cho managed global project teams in the US, EU, and Asia, which generated 16 US INDs, 2 global phase 2b/3 programs in direct development, and 2 global NDAs and phase 3 programs in co-development stages.

In March 2017, Dr. Cho rose to become the CEO of SK biopharmaceuticals. A poised and strategic leader, Dr. Cho’s calm demeanor has been pivotal in creating a culture characterized by achievement and excellence across both SK biopharmaceuticals and SK life science.

Dr. Cho was educated at Texas A&M University where he received his PhD in biology in 1993.

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Sebby Borriello

Vice President &
Chief Commercial Officer

After 26 years at J&J, Sebby joined Cempra Pharmaceuticals as VP, Market Development, where he was responsible for all pre-commercial efforts, including KOL development and commercial advisory boards.

Sebby earned his BA in political science and public administration from St. John’s University, where he was captain of the baseball team and later was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. Sebby earned a master’s degree in organizational dynamics in 2001 from the University of Pennsylvania. “Off the field,” Sebby remains active with his wife of 31 years and his 2 sons on the slopes, at the lake, and on the links.

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Hong-Wook Kim, PhD

Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer

In 2001, Dr. Kim joined SK and has held multiple leadership positions, including Head of Toxicology, Translational Research, Nonclinical Development and Clinical Safety. Dr. Kim also leads regulatory package preparations for numerous INDs, clinical trials, and an NDA. His experience encompasses a diverse spectrum of therapeutic areas that include epilepsy, depression, schizophrenia, cognition, ADHD, neuropathic pain, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes mellitus, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastroparesis.

Dr. Kim attended Seoul National University, where he studied animal sciences and graduated with a BS in 1987 and an MS in 1989. He received his PhD in immunology, followed by postdoctoral training at Washington State University.

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Marc Kamin, MD

Vice President &
Chief Medical Officer

During his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Kamin has designed and managed trials in many areas of neuroscience including migraine, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, alcohol addiction, acute and chronic pain, epilepsy, peripheral neuropathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the strategic aspects of drug development as well as medical marketing activities.

He has been the Chief Medical Officer at SK life science for 6 years and is responsible for providing medical and pharmacovigilance support for all human clinical trials conducted by SK life science. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

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Jiyoung Jung

Chief Financial Officer


Jiyoung earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Korea University. He holds an MBA from ESADE Business School.

Jeff Crowther

Vice President,
Sales & Marketing

Jeff started his career at Ortho-McNeil, where he held a variety of sales and marketing positions during a 12-year tenure with a focus on CNS/epilepsy. For the 10 years that followed, Jeff served in leadership roles in sales and marketing and business development at Ethicon, Romark Laboratories, LC, Catalina USA, and Adheris Health. In April 2015, Jeff joined Cempra Pharmaceuticals as VP of Sales and Systems of Care to support their transition from a clinical stage to commercial stage pharmaceutical company. Jeff joined SK life science in the spring of 2017 to lead sales and marketing.

Jeff graduated magna cum laude in 1992 with a BS degree in marketing from St. John’s University, where he also played lacrosse. When he’s not attempting to drive positive change within the CNS field, Jeff is all about spending time with his wife, son, and daughter, especially during their annual ski vacation to Park City, Utah.

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Robert Polans

Vice President,
Market Access

Robert is a strategic markets specialist with more than 25 years of results-driven experience. His tenacity and ability to strategize through multiple perspectives make him an unstoppable force in the areas of managed care and trade, and have allowed him to develop meaningful relationships and drive impactful strategies for US-based customers in commercial and government contracting, pricing, and trade channels.

Robert began his career in pharmaceuticals as a sales representative for Glaxo, then moved to the medical implantable space before 9 years at Johnson & Johnson, where he worked as both a manager and strategic markets director. Robert then moved on to Valeant Pharmaceuticals, where during his 9-year tenure he became Vice President of Strategic Markets and Vice President of Sales. Robert comes to SK life science from his most recent position with Cempra Pharmaceuticals, where he was recruited to execute commercial initiation as Vice President of Managed Care and Trade.

A graduate of the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, Robert earned his BS in Finance and Real Estate in 1988 and was a member of Pi Kappa Phi. Robert and his wife of 27 years enjoy spending their free time on the water boating on the east coast of Florida, traveling internationally, and visiting with their 2 adult children.

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Matthew Linkewich

Vice President,
Commercial Operations

With nearly 2 decades of experience, Matthew is an expert at expanding revenue. During his time at Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Matthew worked with numerous marketing teams where he created strategic planning initiatives to maximize revenue across a number of sales channels. Matthew came to SK life science in April of 2017 after his most recent position as GM Sales and Promotional Effectiveness at IMS, where he worked with clients to build pharmaceutical sales teams and outsourced commercial operation solutions.

Matthew graduated from La Salle University’s School of Business Administration in 1991, where he earned his BS in marketing and management.

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Lou Ferrari, BS, RPh, MBA

Executive Director Medical Affairs

With over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Lou has significant experience ranging from clinical development, sales and marketing to operations and finance. In his prior role, Lou served as President and CEO for Savient Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, focused on developing and commercializing treatment for chronic gout in adult patients. Prior to his role at Savient, he was a member of the Board of Directors at Centocor-Ortho Biotech, a Johnson and Johnson Company, and served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Nephrology and Oncology. Lou has category experience in many different disease state areas, including Rheumatology, Oncology, Anti-Infectives, Nephrology, Urology, Analgesia and Cardiology.

Lou earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy and is Licensed in NY, NJ and Florida and has his MBA from Adelphi University. Lou also served as an American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Committee Chair, Provider Status Task Force.

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Chris Martin

Executive Director,

With over 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience including positions at Eli Lilly, Salix Pharmaceuticals and Cempra Pharmaceuticals, Chris has developed expertise within many facets of the commercial organization including sales, marketing and business development. This expertise and experiences across a variety of commercial functions have helped to contribute to successful launch strategies, key opinion leader engagement and revenue growth for organizations. Chris has assembled and led successful teams in developing strategies for product launches and identifying future opportunities for growth. He has also demonstrated the ability to continue propelling the growth of an existing, high-revenue product while preparing for additional launches.

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We are part of something bigger

SK life science is a subsidiary of SK biopharmaceuticals, focused on developing innovative, next-generation drugs. Both are a part of the global conglomerate SK Group, one of the largest companies you may have never heard of.

SK Group: key facts


Third largest
conglomerate in
Korea (2019)1


Founded in 1953

121.6 B

$121.6 billion in revenue


#84 by revenue on the
Fortune Global 500
list of companies3


Number of global
network affiliates2

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Our goal

Become a global leader in CNS by unlocking the complex mysteries of the brain


Pushing innovation forward togetherWant to collaborate with us?

Because more can be done when people come together, we seek partnerships with universities, government organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies across multiple therapeutic areas.

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Ethics & Compliance Program

SK Life Science, Inc. is committed to conducting business honestly, ethically, and in compliance with laws and regulations. Our goal is to conduct business and promote our products in an informed, compliant manner. Our program is tailored to meet the standards set forth by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in its Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, as well as other relevant industry guidance and laws.

The SKLSI Compliance and Ethics Hotline offers employees, business partners, customers, and members of the public the opportunity to report concerns about potential misconduct or unethical behavior. To submit a question or concern, please contact our anonymous hotline at 833-490-0007, or visit www.lighthhouse-services.com/sklsi.

SKLSI Code of Conduct >

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