Keeping the lights on
for CNS

For the healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, advocates, and scientists, SK Life Science, Inc. (SKLSI) is here listening to your needs, developing new molecules, enhancing advocacy efforts, and providing solutions that change what’s possible in CNS treatment.

Our compounds

We currently have 8 compounds under clinical development in the CNS area.

We won’t rest in setting the stage for success in CNS

*Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a subsidiary of Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc.

Invigorating next-generation discovery

We are a group of scientists, inventors, and explorers working to unlock the complex mysteries of the brain

Leveraging technologies to include:

Target-based drug discovery techniques

High throughput organic screening (HTOS)/high content screening (HCS)

Computer-aided drug design (CADD)

Combinatorial chemistry

Key R&D sectors

We deploy our technologies in the areas of biology/discovery, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology. The goal of research in these areas is to bring meaningful products to market.

Select a sector for details


We are responsible for lead compound discovery and optimization. This sector:

  • Identifies and validates signal and molecular targets
  • Develops screening technologies
  • Performs high-throughput screening (HTS) leveraging technologies
  • Participates in joint studies on targets known to have high target-disease correlation
  • Investigates the efficacy and safety of lead compounds

The medicinal chemistry sector of SK Life Science, Inc. (SKLSI) is responsible for:

  • Identifying a wide array of drug candidates for CNS disorders
  • Optimizing lead compounds in terms of their structure-activity relationships
  • Developing processes for clinical candidates to lead compound discovery and optimization

To maximize efficiency, we have implemented a CADD system, a high-efficiency synthesis infrastructure, an established structure-diverse library, and a target focus library.

The pharmacology sector is responsible for research programs in which drug candidates are studied to enable prediction of drug activity in the human body.

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