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Darshan Patel headshot

Darshan Patel

Vice President, Global Head Regulatory Affairs

As the Vice President and Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at SK Life Science, Darshan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our leadership team. During his 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Darshan has led several regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance teams at various pharmaceutical companies, concentrating on the development of treatments for CNS and cardiovascular disorders.

Under his leadership, SK Life Science’s regulatory team fosters strategic thinking and efficiency in developing new treatments for CNS disorders, while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Darshan joined SK Life Science in 2016 and was responsible for building the regulatory and pharmacovigilance organizations and gaining FDA approval for our first medicine. Darshan continues to support SK Life Science’s growth with increased focus on global expansion.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Darshan is deeply committed to our company’s purpose of connecting health with happiness. His dedication to ethical practices and patient-centered regulatory strategies aligns perfectly with our values.

Darshan earned his BS in Biology and BA in English from Rutgers College, and his PharmD from the University of Michigan.

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