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Donghoon Lee headshot
Mr. Donghoon Lee is the Chief Executive Officer and President of SK Biopharmaceuticals and its U.S. subsidiaries SK Life Science, Inc. and SK Life Science Labs. His vision is to transform all three companies so that together they become a global biotech leader while generating synergy with SK Group, its affiliates, and partners. Previously, Mr. […]
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Donghoon Lee
Chief Executive Officer and President
Hongwook Kim headshot
Hong Wook Kim, PhD, has been with SK Life Science, Inc. for over 20 years and currently serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Global Clinical Development. Dr. Kim started working with SK Biopharmaceuticals in 2001 as a senior research scientist in drug discovery and later joined SK Life Science, Inc. […]
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Hong Wook Kim, PhD
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Global Head of Clinical Development
Matthew Linkewich headshot
Matt Linkewich joined SK Life Science, Inc. as a founding member of the commercial team, assuming the role of Chief Commercial Officer in 2021. With nearly three decades of experience in the emerging biotech and pharmaceutical sector, Matt spearheads the commercialization endeavors for SK Life Science. Drawing from a distinctive background, Matt has established himself […]
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Matthew Linkewich
Chief Commercial Officer
Changho Yu headshot
Changho Yu joined SK Life Science, Inc. and SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., the mother company of SK Life Science, Inc., in 2002, and is currently the VP, Chief Strategy Officer. With a 20-year tenure at SK Life Science, Inc. and SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Mr. Yu has become an integral leader who brings a wealth […]
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Changho Yu
Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
Sunita Misra, MD, PhD joined the SK Life Science, Inc. team in 2023 initially supporting the ongoing clinical studies. Her deep experience as a clinician and researcher in pediatric epilepsy will enable Dr. Misra to guide the organization’s clinical development strategy. Dr. Misra earned her Bachelor’s degree at Emory University and her MD and PhD […]
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Sunita Misra, MD, PhD
Vice President of Global Clinical Development and acting Chief Medical Officer
As the Vice President and Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at SK Life Science, Darshan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our leadership team. During his 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Darshan has led several regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance teams at various pharmaceutical companies, concentrating on the development of treatments for CNS […]
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Darshan Patel
Vice President, Global Head Regulatory Affairs
Hina Patel headshot
Hina Patel joined SK Life Science, Inc. as Vice President and Global Head of Quality Assurance and Document Management in 2011. With nearly three decades of experience in research and development and commercial quality, Hina has demonstrated expertise and knowledge in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, and drug development. Hina has a strong […]
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Hina Patel
Vice President, Global Head Quality Assurance
Mark Friesen headshot
Mark Friesen joined SK Life Science, Inc. in 2011 and is currently the Global Head of Project Management. With previous work in drug safety and project management, Mark brings a broad level of expertise to SK Life Science, Inc. to help lead its project and portfolio management teams. Mark has worked for 25 years prior […]
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Mark Friesen
Vice President, Global Head Project Management
Joshua McLaughlin headshot
Josh McLaughlin joined SK Life Science, Inc. in 2020 and is the Company’s General Counsel and Head of Legal and Compliance. With a deep knowledge of the industry and strong history of legal leadership, Josh plays a critical role in guiding our organization’s legal strategy and ensuring compliance across all aspects of our operations. Throughout […]
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Joshua McLaughlin
Vice President, General Counsel, US
Wanho Nam headshot
Wanho Nam became an integral part of SK Life Science, Inc. in 2020, and is the company’s Vice President, Corporate Center. Mr. Nam oversees critical functions, including HR, IT application and infrastructure, safety, health, environment, and facilities. He plays a pivotal role in the organization’s progress, demonstrating exceptional management skills and strategic acumen. Throughout his […]
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Wanho Nam
Vice President, Corporate Center
Michael Polito headshot
Mike Polito joined SK Life Science, Inc. in 2019 and is currently the VP, Head of Finance. With a career in finance spanning over 30 years, Mike brings immense accounting and finance acumen and analytical skills to SK Life Science, Inc. to help lead its finance and accounting team. At SK Life Science, Inc. Mike […]
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Michael Polito
Vice President, Finance
Kiel Kim is a Vice President of SK Science Inc. as well as the Chief Business Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and board member of SK Life Science Labs. He is responsible for executing the vision of growing SK Life Science Labs into a global biotech company. Previously, Mr. Kim was the Group Leader of Bio […]
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Kiel Kim
Vice President, Business Development
Jaclyn Ancora joined SK Life Science, Inc. in 2019 and is the SKLSI Executive Director, Human Resources. She and her team are focused on delivering a strategy that focuses on individual career growth while maintaining the needs of the business, ensuring that the HR team’s initiatives are aligned with the Company’s goals and core values. […]
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Jaclyn Ancora
Executive Director, Head of Human Resources
Louis Ferrari headshot
Louis Ferrari, BS, RPh, MBA
Vice President, Medical Affairs
Gary Ball headshot
Gary Ball
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
richard ciorra headshot
Richard Ciorra
Vice President of Commercial Operations
Rob Polans headshot
Robert Polans
Vice President, of Market Access & Trade
Dina Albanese headshot
Dina Albanese
Associate Director
Zahir Uddin headshot
Zahir Uddin
Head of IT